The Reality Is Very Different.


Before even starting a blog I had spent tons and tons of time looking up what others are doing. What they write about, what makes money, what doesn’t, the whole works.

Something I noticed quite a bit had in common aside from the obvious mess of sell traps was how inclined everyone is to say it’s easy. Easy to get set up, Easy to get traffic, Easy to make sales. Here I can show you with my new 5-day free course, just kidding.

I don’t have one of those because I feel it would be cheap of me. From what I have read of pretty much all the “5-day” courses, they are all the same and could be accomplished in far less time it seems.

If you went to my toolbox page, everything there is pretty much what you’ll get in those courses just drawn out in spectacular fashion.

I applaud those who can make it work and hell it may even be easy for you. For most of us though the reality is that it takes massive amounts of time and energy to do these things.

It’s very chilly outside.

Not everyone is going to have success with the same methods. Quite frankly I would encourage trying any method that sounds good with or without the validation from another successful blogger.

You may get lucky or at the very least learn something new to possibly expand on.

Currently I have spent all my off time outside of work on this website and I still have a hard time. Although It is hard it is fun. If this wasn’t fun for me I’m not sure I would continue honestly.

Daily Routine

I’ve never felt I was a decent writer nor did I think I’d be decent at building a website or pretty much anything that this entails. But I am nearly addicted to it. Doing edits, thinking of something to write etc.

There are literally posts I’ve re edited at this point over 50 times. Pins from Pinterest that I have re-made repeatedly.

SEO on every page and post has been optimized countless times. Pictures across the entire site have been changed more than once. This is just a couple things I’ll do on a daily basis. My traffic while slowly climbing is still not what I expected even now.

I stay up most nights and even wake up in the middle of sleeping if I think “Oh boy, that needs editing”.

Because of the lack of a course or otherwise to offer at this point there has been nearly no subscribers. Which is another thing that keeps me constantly at odds with what my goal here is. Which is to give quality info.

Until I get something of substantial quality ready I don’t think I’ll have a course for everyone. I’d rather it not feel like an email trap that I feel from a lot of blogs.

There is a lot to be learned during this process and I am still learning. My writing is slowly getting better. Ideas are generally coming together. Traffic is increasing slowly. All seems good. However there is always and will always be more to do.

Aside from the sleepless nights and constant work just remember this is harder than most would put on, but it is fun. As long as you find that fun you are good to go.


 This post will probably go through another 30 edits by next week.


You don’t need passion. You just need to get good at what you do, and enjoy doing it.





Being a techie all of my life, nearly all of my off and on time is spent working on and with computers.

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