5 Things I Do For Traffic. (Updated 2/8/18)



Well hello there, you made it! Which partially demonstrates what this post is about.

This website was created on 11/27/2017. At this time I get roughly 100-200 visitors a day which apparently isn’t bad for a new blog.

So I wanted to share with you some ways in which I was able to do this.

Going through all the websites and blog posts I’ve read about what it takes to get traffic; one thing learned for sure was that it all counts.

There are things from email nabbing, long-tailed keywords etc etc.

All of it is correct and all of it could be beneficial. But how would you get emails without traffic? What good is the SEO if the content isn’t there and how easily accessible is it?

100-200 visitors (Not visits) isn’t much to some but for someone new it is a realistic and according to many a pretty good start.

So here’s some things I do.


1. Content is king

As we all know.

Here I am, blogging about blogging. Yet the article that really started driving traffic for me is actually a simple guide on how to add SNES games to the new SNES Classic Nintendo system.

It was written because I couldn’t find a decent guide without going through multiple sources to complete the info needed.

It turned out to be something useful for many and something really easy to write. At this point it has carried quite a bit of the starting traffic I have had and still have.

If you can think of something whether it’s long or short if it can be useful It can be a good article to have.

If you are like me and you are very uncertain about what subject to take on in which niche don’t worry about it or about writing something outside of the box so-to-speak.

My website has changed and still currently goes through change as it’s had a bit of an identity crisis.

But not to worry because as you go along the things you want to write about may come a little more naturally.


2. Pinterest, Canva, Tailwind + Boardbooster-

Recently I had started in on Pinterest from the how much I’ve seen traffic growth on other sites and so far I do believe it has been helping me steadily.

If you haven’t already create a account with all three of the listed programs.


Canva will allow you to create those horizontal pins everyone seems to like so much. Free content as well as paid content is included.

It’s also a breeze to use. So anytime you come up with a good post, use Canva to make a good pin.

Tailwind, the easy to use pin scheduler. The free version will allow up to 1000 pins for the month.

From what I understand the best way for Pinterest to start sharing your posts across others feed more often is to be consistent in pinning.

The recommended number hovers around 10-15 pins a day. Which is why tailwind comes in handy.

Because of the limit on the free version be sure to make sure to utilize the scheduler and watch the tutorials.

If you have off time while watching TV or what have you maybe do some pins manually.


Note: After the trial for tailwind expires if you choose not to purchase the license it can still be useful.If you are on a rampant pinning spree and you want to save and pin later you can still do it. Just manually.


Having multiple boards + your own blogs board is recommended.

Try to make as many as you can in relation to what you like writing but it’s definitely okay to have some more on top.

Within 5 days my monthly viewers went from about 65 to 12,000 in turn gaining some followers as well as boosting the traffic to my own site by a slow but steady margin.





In conjunction with Tailwind, Boardbooster has been incredible for driving Pinterest traffic.

In some ways even more so than Tailwind.

Mind you while these are not free programs the free trial itself is still incredibly useful.

If you happen to be able to afford 10 dollars or so here and there for the 1000 pins per month or what not; looping a couple of your oldest pins, maybe 2 to 4 a day, depending on how many you have within each board and how many boards altogether.

Doing that alone especially if the board has 100 or so pins at minimum in conjunction with tailwind can create quite a nice boost.

Also the ability to join “Tribe” groups who will share your content on specific niches so long as you share theirs.

At the time of this update this is my current “reach”.


Joining Group Boards

Joining group boards seemed fairly difficult at first but using the likes of PinGroupie has made this a bit more easier.

In general you click on a groups page that looks interesting to join.

From there you either follow the directions on how to join usually located in the description of the board. 

For ones that do not have directions on how to join or just to give higher chances of entry you can also comment your interest on some of the recent pins on the board.

At this time I have been able to join quite a few tribes and boards that have allowed for a far larger audience and share rate.


3. Reddit-

Reddit can be a good place to get traffic but be very careful where and how you post.

Most subreddits have rules of there own and quite a few do not allow link posting, particularly if it’s your own content.

You can however find some that will allow it. If you find those you can get a steady amount of traffic come through.

There is still traffic from my very first post coming from reddit users.

There’s not too much else to say about reddit other than that.

It may be advisable to join some of the blogging reddits in search of feedback or other means of furthering your page as well.


4. Repeat SEO + Images + Page Optimizing-

I’m sure you have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it’s benefits.

Using the WordPress plugin Yoast makes things a lot easier.

Make sure to install it and set it up.

While I’m no master at SEO I do find that going back from time to time to optimize previous content on all levels has actually helped drive more traffic.

Some might say your time is better spent making good content but if that content is hard to find or your site is a bit of a mess then this is something you should not overlook.

Currently I spend about an hour a night looking for things to optimize or utilizing feedback to try and make things look good.

While I may not be fully there yet I’ve noticed quite a bit of traffic going through my main page through google search and otherwise by doing this.

Making my site itself the most hit instead of a single article.


5. Social Media-

Another popular choice to drive traffic and for obvious reason.

Starting out I went ahead and joined pretty much every social media outlet there was from Facebook all the way down.

However I do not keep up with all of them instead figure out which ones your are good at and which ones gain the most traffic for you and hone in on those in particular.

It can get messy trying to do  all of them at once and it’s not recommended unless you are some sort of a wizard or using the paid automated programs out there.

Traffic through social media such as Facebook for me has been the slowest in all honesty.

Most of the traffic coming through is from others who have re-posted.

Nonetheless it is a powerful tool if not the most powerful if you can master it.



Final Thoughts-

Not everyone is going to agree with this and there are other ways that may work better for you as this is what has worked best for myself.

The few things I would add though like many have said; writing about what you are passionate about is great, but sometimes what you are passionate about isn’t what you are best at.

Depending on what it is you are after you may want to check different avenues and leave some space for big changes to your page if necessary.

Create content that comes natural and if that content doesn’t match with the overall niche be okay with it. Put it in your archives and continue.

They may come in handy and in the end maybe you’ll end up changing niches altogether.

Take feedback seriously.

Anytime someone criticizes my page I do my best to look into the issues and remedy them. No matter how small it seems.

Be mobile friendly, always.

Check out the Handy Dandy Toolbox for helpful tools and tips to get you started!


These Five Things Drive My Traffic At This Point. Hopefully They Will Help You Drive Yours.




Being a techie all of my life, nearly all of my off and on time is spent working on and with computers.


Shirley · February 8, 2018 at 9:29 pm

As a brand new blogger starting from scratch, hearing from someone who’s also relatively new but has made great headway is super motivating and informative! Thank you for sharing your tips

Shirley Ye · February 8, 2018 at 9:31 pm

As a brand new blogger starting from scratch, hearing from someone who’s also relatively new but has made great headway is super motivating and informative! Thank you for sharing your tips

    Cody · February 8, 2018 at 10:06 pm

    Thank you for the kind words Shirley, I hope they help. I am currently in the process of updating this post.

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