Income Reporting-The Funnel Of Deception


Appearances can be deceiving yet perception and first impressions can substantially alter that appearance.


We all see income reports nowadays from everyone. Are they accurate? Are they helpful? Why would I want to see it?

Well that last one is easy, we all would like to make money.








Problem is though these income reports are not there to truly help you as some may claim. When you look closer you’ll notice a trend of deception.

Time and time again I hear “we show you this because we want you to know you can do it too” etc etc. Well you can, but whether it will work for you is questionable.

They actually show you this because it is in itself a click funnel.

What better way to excite people into paying you than to show them how much money you get every time they sucker you into using a particular web host?



Nearly one hundred percent of the time you will see the highest grossing amount is from a web host and or a short self-help type guide.

Both being things you can easily accomplish in little time (in most cases).

Taxes on these reports or even whether it’s in credits or actual money is rarely present. Nearly every other paragraph will have an ad for their top grossing product.

Pretty much the bottom line is this is a good way to easily create affiliate ridden blog posts without worrying too much about content.

There are a few things you can however learn from these that would be helpful. Such as what type of affiliate programs are being used.


So just be aware and take these reports with a grain of salt.


It’s not there to help you make money. It is there to help them make money.






Being a techie all of my life, nearly all of my off and on time is spent working on and with computers.

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