Quick and easy guide to add games to SNES classic



This is one of those things that when I looked up the how to all I got back was a bunch of websites with long winded paragraphs and links to youtube videos.

Because of this I have decided to create a short and quick guide to share with anyone interested.



1. Download Hakchi2 and unzip it in a location of your choice.



2. Choose your roms. (Don’t use PAL) There are plenty of websites and sources to get roms from. I will not link them here but Emuparadise and Romsmania just to name a few.



3. You can drag and drop as well as add roms to hackchi2 by clicking on file and then add roms.

Be wary of how much space you are using and how many roms you are choosing to put on. If you choose the setting disable page/folders in the page/structure settings the look and feel will be just like when you purchased while scrolling through games.

However if you have it disabled and you choose to go over say 40 (forgot the exact number) roms you will run into the issue of having an error pop up consistently.




4. When ready with the roms added and the classic plugged in click “Synchronize selected games with NES/SNES mini”.

If you get a box telling you to flash the custom kernal press yes. It will also ask you to install a driver for the system which you will also need to do. From there just follow the onscreen instructions and synchronize.




It’s as easy as that.



Note: you can have Hakchi2 add the original artwork covers. As well as having a custom preset for resetting the system via controller.







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