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Some of the top horror games of all time


Silent Hill 2 (2001)

I know I stated these are in no particular order but if there was one, this would be my first choice. Followed closely by 1, 3, and 4. Silent Hill 2 encompasses everything there is to love about horror from it’s graphics (that I still believe hold up today) to it’s fantastic and uttering terrifying story.  Team Silent truly knew what horror was about. If you haven’t already played it and think maybe its too old to enjoy. Please. Do us all a favor and go play 2 through 4, at minimum. Don’t worry about anything that came after.


System Shock 2 (1999)

Have a PC? Love horror and  Sci-fi? Well then you either played the classic System Shock 2 or you are in for a treat. Though I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is horror at it’s finest, It sure as hell is a fine game by all means. There is no denying Shodan is one evil bitch. Check out the mods here for textures and a better experience overall if you haven’t already.
” I see there’s still an insect loose in my station.”- Shodan


Dead Space 1 (2008)

Whilst Dead Space 2 was also a fine game and in some ways better; Dead Space 1 was a little more true to the horror roots. The intuitive interface, solid story, sweet graphics and that oh-so wonderful dismemberment system (I wasn’t that happy since Ghoul Tech was released in Soldier Of Fortune). It was a blessing upon release and quite a surprise. I wish It had kept to it’s roots and visceral still be around.



I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream (1995)

Based off the short from Hugo Award Winner Harlan Ellison. A supercomputer called AM that killed off most of mankind and left five people alive to torture for 109 years. He then sets them into some games. If that’s not scary then I don’t know what is. Graphically hasn’t aged well, story-wise however. Well, you check it out.


Until Dawn (2015)

When I first started playing Until Dawn I didn’t know what to really expect outside of a couple reviews talking about it being campy. And while it is indeed fairly campy. It pays homage very well to former classics. And With choice being such a key factor in how the story plays out it’s one that I play once every Halloween just to see what I’ll do differently.


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Alien Isolation (2014)

I have not played the console version of this game. But when I seen the not so great reviews upon it’s release I got very skeptical. But I got bored and played it anyway and  I am incredibly glad I did. One of those games where mainstream reviews seemed really far off. I was so pleasantly surprised by nearly everything about this game. It is graphically impressive, plays as smooth as butter, and has the rare ability to truly amp up my anxiety for what may come next.
Add in some of the mods for PC;  enhanced graphics as well as the ability to allow the alien to traverse the ship freely and there is even more anxiety to come.


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Resident Evil 2 (1998)

An absolute classic. By far my favorite Resident Evil. Like the Silent Hill games I like to think everything after 4 doesn’t exist. But this was my childhood in a nutshell so maybe I have a little bias on this one. It is the introduction to legendary characters Leon. S. Kennedy  and Claire Redfield (and of course Ada Wong). RE2 did so many things right and then even added replay value by having multiple choices in the story and characters.  I am beyond excited for the REmake.


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Fatal Frame 2 (2003)

In the same vein as the original RE and SH games Fatal Frame carved it’s way onto the scene in 2002 for a U.S release and 2 for 2003 release. Personally I wasn’t really sure how a game about ghosts and a camera would do and quite honestly I held off on the series for quite a while. Bad move on my part.  While the first game I thought was just alright the second elevated it in almost every way. Making this the only game where shooting ghosts with a camera can be pretty damn freaky.



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Amnesia: The Dark Descent  (2010)

Usually I don’t enjoy the whole run and hide with no way of really defending yourself kind of game. However this particular entry has something about it that is deeply unsettling. A wonderful atmosphere and some clever puzzles along with one of the scariest water monsters you’ve never seen.



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Dino Crisis (1999)

My love for Dino Crisis runs deep. From the creators of Resident Evil came a Dinosaur horror game. What else needs to be said?


I hope you enjoyed the list. Let me know what your favorite horror games are!





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