Top audio streaming services pros, cons, and prices 2017

 No fluff or filler;

Some simple facts to help you decide which service best suits you.


There’s quite a few services available to listen to whatever music your heart desires. However each service is quite different is a variety of ways from audio quality to how deep the library goes. I have found some websites to be a bit difficult as far as gauging what best suited me therefore I feel it necessary to make a clear cut list to help the next person gauging his or her best suited service.




  •     Impressive library. Over 30 million songs. (Official number unknown)
  •     Easy to navigate and find music.
  •     Finding good playlists is a breeze.
  •     Discover weekly personal playlists is really cool.
  •     Easily connects to various devices.
  •     Free version



  •      Spotify radio still sucks.
  •      Ads with free version are quite the annoyance and with frequency.
  •      320kbps is the highest quality (paid) as with many of the other services. 160kbps on the free version.
  •      Mobile version isn’t exactly the most user- friendly.


 Free one-month trial; free with ads or $10/month ad-free.


  •      An outstanding 43+ million song library.
  •      Boasts Hi-Fi lossless quality for the 9.99 premium subscription which is more than any of the others can say.
  •      Works well on all devices.
  •      Diverse catalogue.
  •      Free version



  •      Doesn’t have a very nice interface.
  •      Curated playlists are not up to par.


 $9.99 a month hand an Elite version, for $14.99 (Family plan essentially)

Top audio streaming services pros, cons, and prices 2017


  •       The highest fidelity content on the market. Both FLAC and 24-bit masters! *#!k
  •       Pretty much the same style layout you’d come to expect from a music service.
  •       A lot of unique features such as live events, ticket sales, music videos and more


  •      Lacks the massive library it’s competitors have.
  •      Best suited for audiophiles who absolutely need the highest quality.
  •      Can be glitchy
  •      No free service


Free one-month trial; $10/month ($20/month for HiFi, with access to Hi-Res audio).


  •     Over 40 million songs in the library.
  •     Good for travel.
  •     Good choice for those who already use apple devices i.e Itunes or Iphone etc.


  •      Lower stream quality at 256kbps (though using generally better encoding)  
  •      Not a terribly intuitive interface for an apple product.
  •      Works best for those already familiar with apple products.
  •      No free service.


Apple Music costs $9.99 per month, or $14.99 per month for a family subscription for up to six people



  •     Comes with Amazon Prime If you are already a member.
  •     Pretty good curated playlists


  •    Lacking in library in comparison to pretty much all others on this list coming in at 2+ million.
  •    Disappointing interface that for me is quite a pain in the ass
  •    No free service.


Note: There is also Amazon unlimited for 79.99 a year for prime members and 9.99 for non-prime.


 Free for prime members.



  •    Massive library that covers pretty much anything and everything.
  •    Create a massive personal library with over 50k songs that can be uploaded.


  •    Tons of ads
  •    Inability to fast forward or rewind on free version.
  •    Free version is pretty bad with very little control.


Very limited free version

$9.99 while a family account can contain up to six members and costs $14.99


:Kudos to SoundCloud for for being a very impressive site to find new music from indie artists and those who are currently unsigned.


IF Radio is purely what you are after then check out the services below.




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